Your donation can help care for the "least of these" by involving people like you in the lives of children. Christ Community Church's International Impact ministry works alongside partner ministries in the countries of Bangladesh and Sierra Leone by involving people like you in the lives of children. Our desire is to see these children's daily needs cared for physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Poverty impacts 95% of all Bengali people. Christian Service Society (CSS), as one of their missions, comes alongside impoverished children with this sponsorship program. Your sponsorship helps break the cycle of poverty by allowing these children to attend school, gain an education, and then they are able to be employed.

CSS receives thousands of applications from Christian families who are impoverished, handicapped, single parents, and families of orphans. CSS also allows sponsorship of children who have been pulled out of brothels because their mothers are prostitutes and CSS is giving these children a second chance at life. These children are either Hindu or Muslim.

The child you sponsor remains in the home with their parents or close relative. The parent(s) are responsible for the upbringing of the child. Your sponsorship helps the family because they benefit from the food allowance. CSS monitors the schools and teachers placed in the village. They make sure all students are getting a proper education. The village also benefits because CSS places a Pastor who is responsible for visiting the village and the children in CSS' care.

Your sponsorship includes monthly food distribution, a Bible, an education, and in addition, the Pastor visits the village the children are in and does a regular, Christian, chapel service. The children mainly eat rice, lentils, naan (pita bread), and may receive small portions of fish or meat.

As the children grow, CSS continues to support them with vocational training or a college education. Your sponsorship allows this to happen.

Proverbs 19:17 "Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done."

Sierra Leone

The students at New Harvest Ministry are from impoverished families who have little resources in acquiring necessary shoes, books, bags, food, transportation, and uniforms. Though public education is free and at times accessible, classroom sizes can reach 80 - 90 students, teachers are overworked and under paid, and classroom learning materials are mostly nonexistent.

This is where New Harvest has stepped up and is providing educational opportunities for poor children. The education in the New Harvest schools is centered on the gospel of Christ. It has well motivated teachers, smaller numbers of children per classroom, and an environment more conducive to teaching and learning. Even poor children have the opportunity to grow both spiritually and educationally.

To right these wrongs and rewrite the history of the nation of Sierra Leone, we have the opportunity for Godly intervention carried out by God’s people. In creating scholarship opportunities for the youth of this nation, we can both give hope to these young people, and work to expand the Kingdom of Christ.

What Your Monthly Donation Provides:

Your donation provides funding to cover New Harvest Ministry school fees, basic learning materials, and a minimal allowance to help cover lunch and transportation costs.

Winston Augustine Lansana

Days Waiting: 0

Age: 6


Xavier Goal

Days Waiting: 0

Age: 5